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Wildseed Bar at The Summer House

Wildseed Bar at The Summer House
July 11, 2017 Jackie Teo

Creative cocktails, delicious bar snacks and a gorgeous sunset at Wildseed Bar. 

As it was summer time, the invitation to The Summerhouse was rather apt. We were at the Wildseed Bar (housed within The Summerhouse) to experience their new drinks and food menu.

Wildseed bar is located at the Seletar Aerospace Hub. Although it is rather remote and inaccessible, the jaunt to the northeast is worth the effort especially if you love wide, expansive and non-urbanised spaces.

And with space, you can create interesting concepts such as an edible garden. The folks at The Summerhouse, in partnership with Edible Garden City, planted herbs such as dog’s fennel, peppermint, sweet basil and hibiscus, most of which are used to flavour or garnish the dishes as well as cocktails. This is part of their farm-to-table ethos. In other words, they source their produce from farms locally or the region. With this, the produce is fresher and typically more flavourful.

Speaking of which, the Whole Grilled Red Snapper (pictured above) that we had was certainly fresh and flavourful. The fish was sourced from local kelong, Seafood Culture, and it was stuffed with dog’s fennel that is grown at the premises, as well as garlic, lemons, thyme and rosemary before the fish was grilled over a fire. The meat had a juicy texture and the delicate flavours were complemented nicely with the herbs. A whole fish of this quality, at just $59, is considered quite a steal.

Another recommended dish is the Tajima Wagyu Burger (pictured, left). The beef may not be sourced from local farms, but in this case, it doesn’t matter. The patty is roughly minced to provide a fuller texture and the flavours are reminiscent of liver. This burger is served along with garlic butter, cornichons (picked mini gherkins) and tomato sauce with a hint of sambal. This dish is a tad heavy, but in a good way.

Unfortunately, whiskies aren’t on the menu at Wildseed Bar. Instead, there’s a sizeable collection of creative cocktails.

We started the evening with Flora-Lola (below, top left), a refreshing concoction made using Hendrick’s Gin, hibiscus, ginger ale and cucumber bitters. The Grapefruit Negroni (below, top right) is a citrus rendition of the classic cocktail. The version here at Wildseed Bar is made using fresh grapefuit, Martin Miller Gin, Dolin Rouge and Campari. And, if you have a sweet tooth, get the Sunkiss (below, bottom left), made using Chambord, Cointreau, fresh orange, cream and rosella. Think red velvet cake, but served as an alcoholic beverage.

The drinks are great, but the heat and humidity at the ground floor of The Summerhouse melted the ice faster, hence diluting the drinks faster than they should.

Then again, what’s summer, or rather Summerhouse, without a bit of heat?

Wildseed Bar

3 Park Lane
6262 1063,


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