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Virtually Engaging

Virtually Engaging
August 24, 2016 Jackie Teo


Virtual reality and whiskies may seem like strange bedfellows, but they actually combine to great effect. The Singleton Sensorium is put together by the namesake whisky company and it aims to enhance your drinking experience through a virtual reality adventure.

Here’s how it works: you put on an Occulus headset and grab a dram of whisky. The adventure starts with you soaring over the Scottish countryside and with the wonders of virtual reality, bring you into the inside of a cask. Periodically, the voiceover will instruct you to nose and taste the whiskies. Trippy images such of apples, cherries and chocolates will appear, amplifying the notes from the 12-year-old Singleton of Glen Ord.

Cask & Drams experienced The Singleton Sensorium and we were pretty amazed by new technologies can merge with an ‘old school’ drink like whisky. While it looked a little silly at times, especially when we tried to nose the whisky with the headset on, virtual reality opens up new ways for distilleries to introduce their products to the masses in a more engaging way. Of course, nothing beats having a masterclass with a brand ambassador.

The Singleton Sensorium is inspired by a study conducted by The Singleton in partnership with Oxford University in the UK. The takeaway was that a change in environment can enhance the ability to appreciate the flavours of whisky by up to 20 per cent.

Said Simon Cheape, Global Marketing Manager, The Singleton Single Malt Scotch Whisky: “Singleton is always trying to bring more people into the ‘single malt’ category. We’re constantly looking for ways to break down barriers and help people recognise the flavours that experts talk about. And this is the reason why we decided to conduct this study on senses with Oxford University.”

The Singleton Sensorium will be making its rounds at retailers, bars and trade shows in Singapore throughout the year. So keep your eyes peeled if you want to experience this new form of whisky appreciation.

Check out The Singleton Sensorium that was held in London’s Soho.

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