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The Wall

The Wall
March 7, 2017 Jackie Teo

Most of us who have been visiting whisky bars (and drinking the stuff there) wouldn’t feel it as much. But for the majority of people who are starting to enjoy the nuances of the drink, the environment at whisky bars can be a tad intimidating.  

However, that’s actually a wrong perception of whisky bars. If you’re clueless on what to order, just talk to the staff and get a recommendation. And if you have any query on whiskies, feel free to ask them as well. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. How else then, can they convince you to part your hard earned money on a few milliliters of spirit?

But on a serious note, serious whisky bars in Singapore are more accessible than they look and the recently-opened The Wall is no exception. They have an extensive collection of whiskies that are available by the dram or by the bottle (check out their whisky menu here). The impressive curation at The Wall puts them into the league where stalwarts such as Auld Alliance, B28, LMDW and Quaich Bar play in, but just barely. 

A couple of things make The Wall stand out.

They have proper food that are prepared in-house. The Wall offers a pretty decent sumiyaki menu as well as omakase sets that are paired with whiskies. The bar owners hope that the food will help to ease more people into whiskies. If the idea of heading to a bar just to drink whiskies sounds too serious, perhaps, you’ll want to visit The Wall and have your dinner there, as well as try out a few whiskies.

Whisky geeks and collectors will also be amazed by the amazing collection of rare (and some plain expensive) whiskies displayed within the walls of The Wall. There are 1964 bottlings of Black Bowmore and White Bowmore, every single year from the Glenfarclas Family Cask (from 1952 to 1995, which is just amazing) as well as Strathislas made pre World War II.

A bottle that drew plenty of attention was the rare, limited edition bottling of Glenfiddich 50. The 1991 bottling was a special release from the Grant Family. Only 500 bottles were released and from a check on, a bottle is valued at around £30,000.

Pricey highlights include The Macallan Lalique 60 (valued at about S$60,000), the 40 YO Bowmore 1969 (pictured, S$60,000), the Karuizawa 1963 (S$60,000) and a Suntory  Limited Edition “The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary” bottling (S$30,000).

Most bottles are available for sale, at the right price of course. The Wall better be well-insured and well-secured, as the collection there is certainly worth a few HDB flats. 

The Wall
76 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088497
+65 6225 7988





















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