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Posts tagged with ‘whisky’

  • Jul282017

    Make No Bones About it

    Gentle Bones collaborated with The Macallan for a special event at Capital Zouk. The singer and song writer performed his...

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  • Jun052017

    Golden Jubilee Fling

    50 years is a long time, no matter how you cut it.  Richard Paterson is on a worldwide tour...

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  • May112017

    Aged Additions

    Travel retail whiskies are typically overpriced and come with fancy packaging as well as obscure marketing lingo. Never mind...

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  • May042017

    Kavalan Distillery, and More

    Like most whisky-loving individuals, I had to visit the Kavalan distillery while holidaying in Taiwan. Some of you may...

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  • Apr192017

    Holland Orient

    The chinoiserie chic décor and even its name, Full of Luck Club, play right into the western stereotype of...

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  • Mar072017

    The Wall

    Most of us who have been visiting whisky bars (and drinking the stuff there) wouldn’t feel it as much....

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  • Dec292016

    New LMDW

    La Maison du Whisky got a stylish makeover.

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  • Dec212016

    Whisky Wrangle

    “The first rule of Dram Club is: you DO NOT talk about Dram Club.” It’s kind of ironic that...

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  • Dec192016

    Post-War Treasure

    Sometimes, you don’t really need too many words. What we have here is a 62-year-old whisky from the Glenfarclas...

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  • Dec132016

    Whisky Every Day

    Advent is the period of waiting and preparation leading up to Christmas. In today’s context, it is a pretty...

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