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Posts tagged with ‘caskndrams’

  • Jul282017

    Make No Bones About it

    Gentle Bones collaborated with The Macallan for a special event at Capital Zouk. The singer and song writer performed his...

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  • Jul132017

    Women on Top

    Whisky-food pairings have always been particularly tricky because of the complexity of the spirit. Which was why, we thought...

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  • Jul112017

    Wildseed Bar at The Summer House

    Creative cocktails, delicious bar snacks and a gorgeous sunset at Wildseed Bar.  As it was summer time, the invitation...

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  • Jun282017

    Up Against the Best

    Sin Kim Shin from Jigger and Pony (left) and Jayden Ong from Sugarhall (right) – winners of the Diageo...

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  • Jun052017

    Golden Jubilee Fling

    50 years is a long time, no matter how you cut it.  Richard Paterson is on a worldwide tour...

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  • May302017

    Now Available in Singapore: The Chita

    Japanese whiskies have been on an uptrend of late. Even the most casual of drinkers would have tried Yamazaki,...

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  • May222017

    Old, Liquid Gold

    It must be pretty darn cool to own the only bottle available in the world. And not just any bottle,...

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  • May192017

    A Tribute to Richard Paterson

    I remembered many years ago when I was just starting to appreciate whiskies, I googled terms such as ‘how...

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  • May182017

    Born in the USA

    The recently-concluded presidential elections has brought the existing culture war to a boil. But, it doesn’t matter if you’re...

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  • May112017

    Aged Additions

    Travel retail whiskies are typically overpriced and come with fancy packaging as well as obscure marketing lingo. Never mind...

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