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Right in the Mix

Right in the Mix
October 30, 2017 Jackie Teo

People in Singapore are definitely drinking better. Not too long ago, Johnnie Walker and Chivas were the mainstays in many bars. Now, we can now find a wide range of single malt and blended whiskies from all around the world. Similarly, the selection of gins go beyond just Gordon’s and Beefeater and there are more brands of rums than just Bacardi and Captain Morgan.

While spirits have progressed, we realised, after meeting Fever-Tree’s Asia-Pacific Brand Director Andy Gaunt, that mixers have stayed relatively stagnant. Furthermore, he told us that familiar brands of tonic water you can find at the supermarket are made up of synthetic sweeteners. Some are even made using artificial quinine (the key ingredient in tonic waters). In short, they aren’t very good.

Of course, the conversation was a lead-in to Fever-Tree’s products and how they can make a better drinks, like a Gin and Tonic.

Marketing spiel aside, it was hard to disagree with Andy.

We were given two cups of tonic waters. One from Fever-Tree and another from a popular commercial brand, specifically, Schweppes. It was a near revelation.

Fever-tree uses quinine extracts instead of artificial flavours, and the difference was really apparent. The tonic water by Fever-Tree didn’t leave a rather cloying note as well, as the makers chose not to add artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Of course, it goes without saying that you’d have to pay a premium for quality.

Apart from educating me on the merits of a quality mixer, Andy also took the chance to introduce me to a new range of mixers for dark spirits.

The Fever-Tree Ginger Ale was used a mixer with Hibiki Harmony. Arguably, one of the simplest, yet tastiest Highballs you can easily make at home. The Fever-Tree Cola and Rum let the spirit take centre-stage, instead of blanketing it with sugar and caramel. The Fever-Tree Ginger Beer with Bourbon, reminiscent of a Kentucky Mule, packed a real flavour punch and at the same time, delivered a refreshing sensation.

We were sold. And Andy hopes that more of his products will be, too.

The new range, along with the other Fever-Tree are available at all good supermarkets and online stores in Singapore.

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