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Positive Return

Positive Return
May 18, 2016 Cask Staff Writer

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B28 is undoubtedly, a familiar name among whisky connoisseurs. The Ann Siang Hill basement bar offers an intoxicating blend of single malt whiskies and jazz, in an intimate setting. It was opened by Mike Soldner, who has went on to explore new opportunities in South Korea. Recently, he was back in Singapore to introduce his new venture, the B28 Whisky Fund.

Essentially, the B28 Whisky Fund is an investment vehicle. Investors put their money with them; the B28 Whisky Fund purchase assets (in this case, rare whiskies and rums) and hopefully, sell them at a higher value so that investors can get positive returns.

Investors own five per cent of the business for every tranche of S$25,000. There will be fixed returns paid out once every two years. Dividends may also be paid annually if the fund does well during the year. The mechanics of the B28 Whisky Fund can be found in its prospectus, which can be downloaded here.

Apart from that, the B28 Whisky Fund is also the official representative in Singapore for independent bottler, Hunter Laing & Company, the people behind labels such as Old Malt Cask and Old & Rare.

B28 Whisky Fund founder, Mike Soldner

Mike led us through some of the whiskies and rums that are recently made available for the Singapore market, which included a 30-year-old Caol Ila from the Old & Rare label.

We wouldn’t bore you with all our tasting notes, but perhaps, just the highlight of our evening. The 20-year-old Blair Athol by Old Malt Cask was particularly interesting. It smelled like burnt porridge, but in a good way. The tannins are very apparent on the palate. It had old orange peel, dark chocolate and a hint of tar. The finish is long, dry and pleasantly bittersweet.

Check out the Kill Devil rums as well. By the time we reached the rums, we were already a bit buzzed, but we remembered the Kill Devil to be complex, yet approachable.

Kill Devil Rum - one of the labels from the B28 Whisky Fund

Keen to invest or buy rare whiskies and rums? Head down to the B28 bar to find out more or check out their Facebook page.

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