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Out Now – Cask & Drams Issue 03

Out Now – Cask & Drams Issue 03
May 17, 2017 Jackie Teo

Issue 03 of Cask & Drams celebrates the ever-evolving bar culture in and around Singapore. 

It’s not difficult to get a decent dram these days, thanks to the many whisky bars that have popped up over the past couple of years. There are bars that offer rare and legendary expressions for serious, deep-pocketed connoisseurs as well as casual joints that serve your favourite everyday drams.  There are whisky bars for almost every occasion. As they say, choice is a luxury.

Manila’s Mandalay Bar.

In Issue 03, we’ve put together a feature on whisky gastrobars in Singapore – places where you can get satiated in more ways than one. We also spoke with some whisky-loving bartenders in Singapore how their love for the malty spirit has shaped their bartending philosophy. 

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Highlights in Issue 03:

All That Glitters

The Brora Distillery. (Photo from Diageo.)

Are whiskies from closed or mothballed distilleries good, or worth investing? Our contributor, Brendan Asher Pillai investigates. 

On Cloud Nine

Why do whiskies go cloudy? Science, according to findings by Matthew Fergusson-Stewart. 

What’s On a Label?

You can tell a lot about a whisky, from its label. Justin Choo explains.



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