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New expressions from Cointreau

New expressions from Cointreau
November 24, 2016 Jackie Teo

Cointreau, the triple sec behind famous cocktails like the Singapore Sling and Cosmopolitan, has launched two new expressions – Blood Orange and Noir.


The Cointreau Blood Orange, pictured above with a Bloody Mary, is made from the distillate created from peels of blood orange, as well as the signature sweet and bitter oranges used in the original expression. The blood oranges are harvested from the Mediterranean island of Corsica, where the terroir gives the fruit its distinct colour, aroma and taste. Cointreau Master Distiller Bernadette Langlais makes sure that the blood oranges are picked when their peels offer the highest concentrations of essential oils, for obvious reasons. 

We sampled the Blood Orange at the launch event, and it instantly reminded us of Chinese New Year. The sweet and citrus notes of the Cointreau Blood Orange is reminiscent of the times when you peel a fresh and juicy Mandarin orange. All in all, a delightful drink, especially when taken neat, on the rocks. The folks from Cointreau also suggest Cointreau Rouge, a simple cocktail that is made using one part Cointreau Blood Orange and one part cranberry.


The Cointreau Noir is a blend of original Cointreau and Remy Martin Cognac. If you don’t know, both brands fall under the umbrella of Remy Cointreau company (obviously). This new expression is a revival of a historic recipe, named “Majestic”, which was crafted by Cointreau creator Edouard Cointreau in the early 1900s. Langlais built upon the original creation by adding macerations of nuts and almonds. 

The result? A combination of orange zest, vanilla, spice, nuts, and a clean finish to boot. In essence, it’s Cognac, but brightened up with sweet and citrus notes. This is an expression that we really liked.

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