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Hit for Six

Hit for Six
November 6, 2017 Jackie Teo

Most you will be familiar with Suntory. The brand has produced outstanding whiskies for both casual drinkers and serious collectors. Indeed, their production process is always on point so you can certainly expect their gins to be just as good.

Speaking of which, Roku Gin is Suntory’s first craft gin in its illustrious history and it is now available at good stores across Singapore.

As its name would suggest, Roku (‘six’ in Japanese) Gin contains six Japanese botanicals in addition to the ones typically used to produce gin (such as Juniper berries, angelica root and lemon peel).

Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, sencha tea, Gyokura tea, Sansho pepper and yuzu peel are harvested during the best times of the season. They are then distilled and blended expertly by the folks at Suntory’s Osaka distillery.

Much like Suntory’s approach to whiskies, Roku Gin has a less robust character compared to their western counterparts, making it a very approachable sipping gin.

On the nose, cherry blossoms, as well as green tea. The familiar taste of juniper berries gives way to the faint aftertaste of green tea, followed by a citrusy and slightly peppery finish.

If you prefer to experience Roku Gin in a cocktail, then head over to Gibson. Aki (pictured), from the classy cocktail bar, has created two cocktails with Roku Gin – Miyabi and Matsuri.

The former is based on cherry blossoms and the latter is a refreshing concoction made using watermelon.

We’ve tried the cocktails. Which one do we prefer? Well, they are equally good. As they say, it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.

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