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Going into CNY 2017 on a High

Going into CNY 2017 on a High
January 9, 2017 Jackie Teo

If you haven’t heard over the speakers at the supermarket, the Chinese New Year is coming. It’s a time for family gatherings as well as awkward questions from nosy relatives. For folks in the world of business, it’s an occasion for gift exchanges mostly, to improve guanxi or relationship. If you’re looking for a whisky gift, you can’t really go wrong with a Johnnie Walker Blue label.

But why stop at a “normal” Blue Label? Make a more lasting impression on your friends and associates by gifting special bottles adorned with artwork inspired by mystical Chinese characters and deities. This is where Diageo’s 2017 Lunar New Year festive collections come into the picture.

Diageo has come up with three special collections for 2017. They are available via the by-invitation-only Johnnie Walker House Singapore.

The Keep Walking China limited edition bottling presents a colourful depiction of Lunar New Year. Diageo didn’t give details on who the artist is but nevertheless, his (or her) artwork is classy, festive and will look very good on almost any bar. The Keep Walking China bottling is limited to just 96 in Singapore. It is S$588 per bottle, so it’ll cost you over S$2,000 if you want to display all four sides of the artwork at one go.

Although, giving anything in fours is a no-no in the eyes of most Chinese people. A safer bet may be to give things in threes, like this three-bottle Fu Lu Shou Collection. The deities shown on the bottles are believed to bestow fortune, prosperity, and longevity. The adornments are inspired by the art of calligraphy and each bottle is individually engraved in gold. There are only 15 sets in Singapore and each three-bottle set costs a lucky S$888.


But if you are looking go for the jugular, then look no further than the Zodiac Collection. Here every member of the Chinese Zodiac is represented, so this is a gift that you can give virtually anyone. Every bottle is adorned with gold engravings, with artwork that celebrates the “harmony between Scottish whisky heritage and artistic Chinese design”. A set will set you back S$5,888.


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