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Places To Go

  • Jul112017

    Wildseed Bar at The Summer House

    Creative cocktails, delicious bar snacks and a gorgeous sunset at Wildseed Bar.  As it was summer time, the invitation...

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  • May042017

    Kavalan Distillery, and More

    Like most whisky-loving individuals, I had to visit the Kavalan distillery while holidaying in Taiwan. Some of you may...

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  • Apr192017

    Holland Orient

    The chinoiserie chic décor and even its name, Full of Luck Club, play right into the western stereotype of...

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  • Mar072017

    The Wall

    Most of us who have been visiting whisky bars (and drinking the stuff there) wouldn’t feel it as much....

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  • Dec292016

    New LMDW

    La Maison du Whisky got a stylish makeover.

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  • Nov202016

    Fat Prince

    The devil, as they say, is in the details. Those of you who have visited the very stylish Neon...

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  • Oct282016

    Bourbon Street

    No prizes for guessing what Bourbon Street specialises in. Indeed, Bourbon Street has a grand variety of bourbon whiskeys. ...

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  • Oct122016

    The Other Room

    When you talk about finishing or extra maturation, naturally, you’d think of The Balvenie’s Sir David Stewart or Glenmorangie’s...

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  • Jun172016

    La Terre

    I’ve always been fascinated by Japanese minimalistic interiors (even though my cluttered desk doesn’t suggest so). The clever use...

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  • May272016

    Pre-flight Libations

      The duty free store is probably where many of us started our whiskies journeys. The collection is plentiful...

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