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A Delicious CNY Treat

A Delicious CNY Treat
January 26, 2017 Jackie Teo

Pineapple tarts, bak kwa and kueh bangkit are some of the snacks synonymous with Chinese New Year. They are great on their own, but as we’ve found out, they taste even better when paired with whiskies.

Diageo invited us for a lo hei at their office and took the opportunity to re-introduce The Singleton of Glen Ord and how the whisky pairs with Chinese New Year goodies. 

We started with a Mandarin Sour (whisky sour, but with mandarin orange juice added) and had a vertical tasting of The Singleton.

If anything, this session highlighted the versatility of the 15-YO. 

The 15-YO went well with bak kwa and pineapple tarts. The citrus and spice notes of the whisky helped to balance the sweetness of the former. But when it was paired with the pineapple tarts, the same notes brought out the tarty and tangy notes of the filling. 

The star pairing, however, was the 18-YO and kueh bangkit. 

The kueh bangkit, at least well made ones, crumbles evenly and melt in your mouth. We took a swig of the 18-YO, and the coconut flavour of the kueh bangkit became more pronounced, in a good way. A pleasant dry and chocolate finish ensued. Wonderful.







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